W. Edwards Deming Quotes

This section of the site is meant to provide sources for quotes by W. Edwards Deming as well as provided some judgements on quotes we have not sourced yet. Dr. Deming gave hundreds of seminars and many quotes are from those seminars and thus more difficult to source.

Quotes from seminars also result in many variations of similar quotes. Due at least to Dr. Deming saying things a bit differently, and possibly due to people writing down or remembering what they heard with a slight change.

There are also quotes from the many videos which we are working on using to find sources for some quotes.

You will also find quotes attributed to Dr. Deming that are from his books, but where he clearly identified the source. Those quotes are very relevant to Deming’s ideas on management but shouldn’t be referenced as his quote, even though they appeared in his books (so I include those with the details for the source).

See the new W. Edwards Deming quotes database with the ability to easily search for quotes and view quotes by category/topic.

The Seven Deadly Diseases and 14 points for management are also frequently quoted.