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Deming Podcast: The Deming Journey at New York Label & Box Works

In this episode of the Deming Podcast (download), Steven Haedrich, President of New York Label & Box Works, talks about the Deming journey at the company. Steven also talks about the relevance of the Deming teachings today and the keys to long-term success using the Deming method. Steven Haedrich: I knew performance appraisals were useless […]

Brian Joiner Podcast on Management, Sustainability and the Health Care System

Joe Dager has posted another Business 901 podcast with a leading Deming management authority, this time with Brian Joiner, author of Fourth Generation Management, co-author of the Team Handbook and long time colleague of Dr. Deming. Early in Brian’s career he shared an office with Dr. Deming’s wife; and that led to Brian getting to […]

The Greatest Waste

The greatest waste in America is failure to use the ability of people. … Money and time spent for training will be ineffective unless inhibitors to good work are removed. Page 53, Out of the Crisis by W. Edwards Deming The power of Dr. Deming’s ideas on management increase the more deeply they are explored. […]