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A Powerful Tool: The Capacity Matrix

I attended a 4 day seminar by David Langford about 15 years ago. The seminar was on using Deming’s ideas to improve education. I wasn’t in the education field, but I believe what I wrote about earlier: we don’t need to restrict our management learning to our industry. And thankfully my boss shared that thinking […]

Attributing Fault to the Person Without Considering the System

Fundamental attribution error: attribute fault or defect to the individual without first considering the systemic effect. When we fall into this trap the system is not improved. What we want to do is when we find poor results is think about how the system can be improved to consistently produce better results. By using management […]

Effective Communication is Explicit

Incomplete communication often creates problems. You often don’t have to ask why 5 times to figure out the weakness in communication that lead to trouble. Over and over again most organization find problems were created, or grew, because someone that could have helped didn’t know what others knew. Making communication explicit and obvious, so that […]