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All That People Need to Know is Why Their Work is Important

Motivation – nonsense. All that people need to know is why their work is important. W. Edwards Deming, From a speech at General Motors in 1992: Introduction to a System. The Essential Deming We do a great disservice to our organizations when see motivation as the cause of poor results. Your management system should nurture […]

Dr. Deming on Leadership and Management of People

What is a leader? As I use the term here, the job of a leader is to accomplish transformation of his organization. He possesses knowledge; he himself has been transformed. He has personality and persuasive power. How may he accomplish transformation? First he has theory. He understands why the transformation would bring gain to his […]

Don’t Limit Improvements to Low Level Process Improvement

One of the mistakes people with a very superficial understanding of Deming make is to believe what Dr. Deming’s publications and seminars focused on process improvement. Deming’s ideas on management focused on creating a management system that changed how the entire organization worked. Deming’s ideas on management were not aimed at improving only the processes […]

Tyranny of the Prevailing Style of Management

The Essential Deming, includes material from Dr. Deming’s letters, speeches and articles. Several are from his lectures at Fordham University, including: Tyranny of the Prevailing Style of Management (page 184-5): We’re living in prison. Under the tyranny of the prevailing style of management. A style of interaction between people, between teams, between divisions, between competitors. […]