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Minimal Viable Product

Minimal Viable Product is an important concept. The idea is to learn from customers (users) using the product/service as soon as possible. Having customers direct experience available as soon as possible allows those designing and creating the product to learn as early as possible from those customers. The idea with MVP is to speed up […]

Learning from Other Schools of Management Thought

The Lean Enterprise Institute has published webcasts of discussions with James Womack, Dan Jones and John Shook exploring reflections on 25 years of lean which I think are quite good. This excerpt looks at learning from other communities of interest and ideas used by the lean startup. I agree with the idea that different management […]

Don’t Limit Improvements to Low Level Process Improvement

One of the mistakes people with a very superficial understanding of Deming make is to believe what Dr. Deming’s publications and seminars focused on process improvement. Deming’s ideas on management focused on creating a management system that changed how the entire organization worked. Deming’s ideas on management were not aimed at improving only the processes […]

Clayton Christensen on Innovation and Macro Economics

Clayton Christen takes look at the macro-economic impacts of innovation in this lecture at Oxford University. He discusses disruption innovation (creating new markets for complex expensive products: for example, from mainframe computer to personal computer to smart phone), sustaining innovation and efficiency innovation. He explains that disruption innovation increases employment as the market expands and […]

Improving Processes Helps Innovation Efforts

One of the criticisms against process improvement is that it requires stifling innovation. That is not accurate. Process improvement is meant to be continual. Building structure around how change is tested and adopted aids innovation, it doesn’t stifle it. The justified criticism, I have seen, is against bad processes that make change difficult with rigid […]

Dr. Deming on Innovation

Dr. Deming is well known for urging companies to bring a scientific rigor to their management practices. For that reason, some people remember his primary emphasis being on control charts and PDSA and using data to validate decisions and drive improvement. It is true that he preached the importance of using this thinking to improve. […]