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Applying W. Edwards Deming’s Ideas in Software Development

Guest post by John Hunter. This video shows Poorani Jeyaseker’s presentation, The Role of W. Edwards Deming in Today’s IT, at the 2015 Deming Research Seminar. Poorani explains how the management system drives behavior that is not useful to the organization. The business team asks for estimates for software development. Those estimates are treated as […]

Using Outdated Management Practices Can Be Very Costly

Readers of this blog are aware of the problems created by using quotas: Achieved the goal by not the aim (2013) – The Futility of a Numerical Goal (2014), Distorting the System, Distorting the Data or Improving the System (2013), Dr. Deming on the problems with targets or goals. Wells Fargo to pay $150 million-plus […]

Monta Akin on The 20 Year Deming Journey at the Leander Independent School District

Monta Akin, Assistant Superintendent for Leander Independent School District in Leander, Texas joined Tripp Babbitt to record the latest podcast for the Deming Institute. Monta shares the compelling story of Leander Independent School District’s transformation to a Deming based management system. It begins when Monta was first introduced to Deming when she came across the […]

Bob Browne Discusses His Experience Applying Deming’s Ideas as a CEO

Bob Browne is the former CEO of the Great Plains Coca Cola Bottling Company and soon to be author of a new book, The Sys-Tao Way, that outlines his application of the Deming Philosophy. In the most recent Deming Institute podcast, Bob discusses his experience applying the Deming philosophy at the Great Plains Coca Cola […]

The Demands of the Enterprise on the Worker

From The Practice of Management by Peter Drucker, The Demands of the Enterprise on the Worker (page 268): The enterprise must expect of the worker not the passive acceptance of a physical chore, but the active assumption of responsibility for the enterprise’s results. This attitude not only is necessary for organizations to prosper today, it […]

Knowing How to Manage People Is the Single Most Important Part of Management

The Essential Deming includes (from an interview with Dr. Deming): Knowing How to Manage People Is the Single Most Important Part of Management (page 170) If factory workers are unemployed —or anyone, for that matter— it is because of bad management, and not because unemployment is inevitable. Page 171: Of course, when you talk about […]

Where There is Fear You Do Not Get Honest Figures

Fear invites wrong figures. Bearers of bad news fare badly. To keep his job, anyone may present to his boss only good news. W. Edwards Deming, page 94, The New Economics Using data to make decisions is important to effective management. But using data goes far beyond math. To make judgements we need to understand […]