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Blogs Exploring Deming’s Thoughts on Management

Guest post by John Hunter, founded (in 1996). We are happy that there are several blogs exploring the application of Deming’s ideas to management of organizations. These blogs are likely to be of interest to our readers and we share links to several of them here. The Deming SubReddit collects blog posts and other […]

What Topics Would You Like Us to Discuss on Our Blog?

What topics would you like us to explore in future posts on this blog? What questions would you like us respond to? One of the goals for this blog is to engage the community of readers in sharing there thoughts on the ideas we discuss. Please share your comments on the blog posts and respond […]

Online Resources for Exploring the Ideas of W. Edwards Deming

There are many online resources for those looking to improve the practice of management in their organization in a way consistent with Dr. Deming’s management system. The W. Edwards Deming Institute maintains several online resources: The W. Edwards Deming Institute web site, which includes a wealth of resources including over 60 articles by Dr. Deming […]

Our 10 Most Popular Posts in 2015

The most popular post on our blog this year: Myth: If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It (2015) What’s Deming Got to Do With Agile Software Development and Kanban (2013) 2014 Deming Prize Awardees (2014) Dr. Deming Called for the Elimination of The Annual Performance Appraisal (2012) Deming and Lean: The Disparities and […]

Reactions to “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We”

We recently announced the availability of the 1980 NBC News special report, “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We,” that introduced Dr. Deming to the USA business community. Many people have enjoyed viewing that program. Here we collect some of the reactions that have been posted online. If Japan Can, Why Can’t We? A Retrospective by […]

A Blog Following the Management of Finishing Technology Using Deming’s Ideas

Fred Warmbier, owner of Finishing Technology (based outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA), and Kelly Allan are writing a blog on the New York Times exploring how Deming’s management ideas are put into practice at Finishing Technology. A comment Fred posted to the blog (The New York Times choses to have urls not show the comment […]