Deming Inspired Innovation in Education

David Langford presented at our 2014 annual conference on Deming Inspired Innovation in Education.

The aim of the system of education is to provide meaningful learning experiences for youth in it’s day, for it’s future, in order to add value to society.

It is easy for me to imagine the power of focusing on meaning in education. We are naturally curious and interested in learning. The education system often beats that out of us, but if you switched the aim from grading to providing meaningful learning experiences you harness the natural desires we have to learn.

The importance of meaning is one that applies very strongly in the workplace also. As W. Edwards Deming said:

Motivation – nonsense. All that people need to know is why their work is important.

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  1. Vijay Lakshmy K V says:

    It has become essential that in the modern day of tough competition, even teachers have to play a versatile role apart from mere imparting of knowledge. To say in short, there can be just a hair line difference that can be drawn between a modern day teacher’s role and that of a manager’s role. In this context there is relevance in studying the Deming’s system of profound knowledge and Deming philosophy- its awareness and applicability among college/ school professors/ teachers irrespective of their age or job experience.

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