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Brian Joiner Discussing His Career

In a previous post, Approaching Sustainability Using Deming’s Thinking, where you see Brian Joiner in the video (he and Andrew KcKeon were on the same panel). In this video Brian discusses his career including how he meet Dr. Deming and some personal anecdotes. I like, and share his sentiment in the following quote, at the […]

The Red Bead Experiment with Dr. W. Edwards Deming

The Red Bead Experiment is an activity Dr. Deming included in his 4 day seminars. The webcast shows excerpts of Dr. Deming carry out the Red Bead Experiment with participants from the audience. Dr. Deming used the Red Bead Experiment to clearly and dramatically illustrate several points about poor management practices. This includes the fallacy […]

Enumerative and Analytic Studies

An enumerative study is focused on judgment of results. These studies are meant to enumerate (explain, evaluate, describe) the condition that exists with the existing population. On the other hand, an analytic study is focused on improvement of the process which created the results and which will continue creating results in the future. An enumerative […]

W. Edwards Deming Photo Gallery

The photo gallery on the new website for The W. Edwards Deming Institute includes quite a few photos looking back at Dr. Deming’s life. Seeing the photos from when he was younger is interesting since so many of the images (and videos) we are used to seeing show him after he was 80 years old. […]

New Website for The W. Edwards Deming Institute

Our new website is now live. The site has a completely new design and lots of new content, photos and videos. We hope you like the new site. Please share your thoughts on the new site by adding a comment here. Some of my favorite content on the new site include the articles, photos, videos, […]

Asking Questions to Initiate New Thinking

We are posting several short videos to provide everyone an opportunity to hear directly from Dr. Deming. It is remarkable how well the ideas he spoke of have aged even while the world has been changing rapidly. This video offers several questions that challenge us to think more deeply about current practices and perhaps help […]

Podcast with Clare Crawford-Mason Discussing Dr. Deming’s Ideas on Management

Mark Graban interviewed Clare Crawford-Mason for his Lean Blog podcast. Clare produced If Japan Can… Why Can’t We?, Deming Library video series and Good News… How Hospitals Heal Themselves. She discussed quite a few important ideas including: The value of cooperation (that is often obscured by a focus on competition) Appreciation for systems Looking beyond […]

Video Introduction to Dr. W. Edwards Deming

This video has been added to The W. Edwards Deming Institute YouTube channel. The video provides some history on Dr. Deming and his ideas on management. We hope you enjoy this short look at Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s life. Related: Inspection is too late: the quality, good or bad, is already in the product – […]