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Four Days with Dr. Deming

W. Edwards Deming is remembered for many things; one of those touchstones was the Deming 4-day seminar. Those 4-day seminars changed the lives of many people. And many of those people went on to change their organizations and the lives of those working there. Scott M. Paton wrote a short article on his experience, Four […]

Improving Problem Solving

I suggest reading this excellent paper on Improving Problem Solving by Ian Bradbury and Gipsie Ranney. As they note, problem solving is not a substitute for innovation and improvement as solving a problem solving only returns you to the status quo. The paper also considers the relationship between problem solving and system improvement. Their paper […]

Respect for Employees – Don’t Waste the Ability of People

Clare Crawford Mason published this interview, with Dr. Deming, at the time of her NBC broadcast, If Japan Can Why Can’t We (1980). ‘Made in Japan’ Is No Joke Now, Thanks to Edwards Deming: His New Problem Is ‘Made in U.S.A.’: Does job security affect productivity? Dr. Deming: In Japan a company worker’s position is […]

Deming Research Seminar Round Table Session

Guest post by Dave Nave: I will lead one of the round table sessions at this year’s Deming Research Seminar (25th and 26th February 2013 in New York City). I thought I would share a little something of my topic. Two other roundtables will also be held: on Education led by Dr. Francis Petit and […]

The Deming Files @ The Process Excellence Network

The W. Edwards Deming Institute is working with the Process Excellence Network to publish articles on Deming’s ideas: The Deming Files. The first article was published in early 2011. A 4 part series looked at Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge: Systems Thinking and the Three Musketeers – Deming’s SoPK by Eric Christiansen The Trouble with […]