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2013 Annual Deming Conference Recap: Homecoming At Purdue

Guest post by Mike Stoecklein I was at Purdue University this past weekend for what I would call a “homecoming”. I did not attend this university, but I still think of this as a homecoming. The W. Edwards Deming Institute hosts an annual conference at universities around the United States. This year it is at […]

Attributing Fault to the Person Without Considering the System

Fundamental attribution error: attribute fault or defect to the individual without first considering the systemic effect. When we fall into this trap the system is not improved. What we want to do is when we find poor results is think about how the system can be improved to consistently produce better results. By using management […]

Change has to Start from the Top – Webcast with David Langford

David Langford quotes Dr. Deming as saying “Change has to start from the top.” As David says in the video he struggled trying to get the top of his organization involved in management improvement. And then he realized: You are the top of your system. Change your thinking, change your process – you change your […]

We are Here to Learn, to Make a Difference and to Have Fun

Dr. Deming would start his seminars with a quote that set the tone for the seminar: “We are Here to Learn, to Make a Difference and to Have Fun.” In that statement you can see the importance Deming placed on knowledge, effectiveness (also compassion – when looking at all his work, being effective at doing […]

Find a Deming Scholar MBA Student To Internship with Your Organization

The Deming Scholar MBA students at Fordham University are looking for internship opportunities within your organization. Dr. W. Edwards Deming believed in inspiring people to think differently, ask better questions and seek new knowledge. He thought this was important because it led to more productive employees, successful organizations and happy customers. He did this by […]

Deming’s Ideas Applied in High School Education

Mt. Edgecumbe High School, in Sitka, Alaska was featured in the last 10 minutes of the three part series, Quality Or Else, aired on PBS (created by the same team that created the NBC White paper If Japan Can… Why Can’t We – Lloyd Dobyns and Clare Crawford-Mason). Mt. Edgecumbe High School gained international recognition […]

Dr. Deming Video: A Theory of a System for Educators and Managers

This Video with W. Edwards Deming, Russell Ackoff and David Langford discussing education. Lloyd Dobbins brings together the comments of those 3. This is part of one of the videos in the Deming Library which explores Deming’s ideas and brings in experts on various topics to explore this ideas with Dr. Deming. The video includes […]

Deming Scholars MBA Program at Fordham University in New York City

The Deming Scholars MBA Program aims to build a foundation for leadership in the new economic age. It provides a small group of highly motivated students with a unique opportunity to develop expertise in Dr. Deming’s teachings and to build leadership skills within the framework of an outstanding program. The program combines rigorous classroom study […]